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3 Tips to Vacuum More Effectively

MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2019

1.       Make sure your vacuum cleaner bag or container is emptied for best results, or less than half full. Regularly changing the filter is also important, because there are so many different models of vacuum cleaners you will need to check the manual for the type of filter and it will also tell how how often it should be replaced. Some filters are reusable and can be cleaned or washed, however if they are worn or torn you will want to replace them.  


2.      Go over your carpets more than once. Vacuuming might be your least favorite chore, however it's important not only to help your carpets last longer but also to improve the quality of the air in your home. For areas with less traffic you will want to pass over it with the vacuum at least 2 - 3 times. For areas of high traffic, as tedious as it may seem, 4 - 6 times is necessary for the best results. If you have have pets you may want to increase the number of times you go over an area.  


3.       Move the furniture. It might not seem like it but dust and other grime can collect underneath the furniture. You should rotate your furniture every six months if you're able, to help your carpets last longer. When vacuuming you should move your furniture out of the way to get underneath. This is will cut down on the allergens in your home and will prevent discoloration of your carpet from the build up of grime. 

With regular vacuuming you can cut down on the amount of allergens, bacteria and dirt in your home. It can also extend the life of your carpet and help prevent discoloration but only a regular deep cleaning can remove the built up of grime. Let us help you finish off your spring cleaning with a deep carpet cleaning, you're carpets will look as good as new and have significantly fewer allergens and less bacteria!