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Featured Image Every day we shed skin cells and hair and our pets do too, making up a large portion of what we know as dust.  However, dust is more than just skin and hair cells, it’s a combination of many different particles....


3 Reasons Why Your Cat Isn't Using The Litter Box

Featured Image The first step is to take to your pet to the vet in order to determine the cause of the accidents. Next, is to get the urine properly cleaned to prevent having pungent carpets and an overgrowth of bacteria. No matter what the reason for your pet's accidents, Carine Chem-Dry is here to help....


3 Tips to Vacuum More Effectively

Featured Image With regular vacuuming you can cut down on the amount of allergens, bacteria and dirt in your home. It can also extend the life of your carpet and help prevent discoloration but only a regular deep cleaning can remove the built up of grime....


DIY Grout Cleaner

Featured Image Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda are both natural cleaners and can help remove dirt and kill bacteria that were ground into your grout....


Top 3 Ways to Remove Red Wine From Your Carpets

Featured Image With the holidays in full swing, your carpets are going to get a lot of traffic! If you have parties or are just relaxing in the evening, accidents happen and with the staining power of red wine you’ll want to get it out as soon as possible for the best results. Here are the top 3 ways to get red wine out of your carpet!...